2015 – New Year, New Site?

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Hello everyone,
we hope you had a wonderful holiday break and have made a good start to your new year! As you may know already we have been collecting proposals, designs and finished products from businesses, metalwork experts and hobbyists over the last 12 months. Not many of you would have known the idea behind this but we are now nearing completion and expect to be launching soon, so its time to spill the beans.




We are launching an online store for pre-made metalwork items! This will include a wide range of one-off and batch production pieces including furniture (tables, worktops, chairs & storage solutions), cooking items (BBQ, smokers, grills, oven range & accessories), art (sculpture and wall art) and a whole range of everyday and practical household items.

We feel that metal work, ironmongery and forgery should not be limited to exclusive, high priced items and this online shop has allowed us to bring an eclectic range of affordable products to your door!


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