3 Great Examples Of Metal Nesting Tables

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Regardless of the size of your home, you may find that saving space in unusual ways is a great idea. Storage space and flat surfaces are often at a premium in just about any house. The good news is that you can add flat surfaces to your house without taking up too much floorspace. This is easily done with nesting tables. They are available in just about any style you could ever want, and can not only reinforce your own sense of design, they can be useful, too. Here are 3 great examples of metal nests of tables.

Ocelle Nesting Tables


For a futuristic look, consider the Ocelle table set. This consists of three circular nesting tables of graduated height and diameter. Each table has three legs. The unique styling of these tables makes them a beautiful addition to your modern home. The legs are supported on the two larger tables with a circular rung running the circumference of two of the three sides. This reiterates the circular theme, while the black, slender, tubular legs create a vertical line that draws the eyes up to the table top itself.

The smallest table has a shelf that creates extra display space when the three tables are nested together. If you want for the circle around the bottom to be complete, simply rotate either the tallest table or the middle table so that part of the circular rung completes the circle. All three table tops are smoked glass for a sophisticated look.

The beauty of these tables, besides the styling, is that they provide you with four surfaces – the three table tops and the shelf at the bottom. Perfect for the cocktail party, these small tables will allow guests to set their drinks down without you having to worry about your furniture being damaged by moist glasses. The tall, narrow styling, along with the round top, maximizes surface space without taking up floor space.

Willow Nesting Side Table


These attractive, bronze finished tables feature an antiqued mirror for each table top. The aged bronze, in combination with the antiqued mirror, are perfect for that “shabby chic” look. The double horseshoe pattern of the legs and frame give it a delicate, whimsical look. A single “U”, or horseshoe shape supports the top on each side, while the legs are inverted “U” shapes. The two “U” braces are joined in the middle, with a crossbar of matching antiqued bronze. The two tables nest together beautifully, and are a great addition to your sunroom, home office, or parlor.


Signature Nesting Tables


Ashley Chatham presents the Signature Design of 3 nesting tales. These rectangular, charcoal metal tables with wooden tops are in the Mission Style, with a fashionable “X” on the two short sides. The three tables nest flawlessly, appearing as one table without looking cluttered. When separated, they provide fashionable surfaces for family games, entertaining friends, or simply for decorating your home.

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