A Look At Modern Metal Planters

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There are as many different styles of metal planters as there are homes and gardens to hold them. The use of metals in making planters and landscaping elements dates back to the first lawns in the 500s. Modern metal planters are more affordable than ever, partly due to streamlined manufacturing and partly to the increased availability of metals. Let’s take a look at modern metal planters, as see how they could e used in your home and garden.



Zinc has been used in construction since construction began. The most common use of zinc is in roofing and gutters. Tudor style homes often have zinc shingles, which add a touch of elegance. However, zinc tends to corrode, when not properly sealed.

Zinc planters have a very authentic, historic look. They almost immediately look weathered, and are great for heirloom plants. The patina of an authentic zinc metal planter cannot be matched by any other metal, making it a great choice for houseplants or for potted plants on the patio.



Copper is another metal that develops a breathtaking patina. Copper planters are usually actually made of some other, stiffer metal, with copper layered on the visible surfaces. This is because copper is a very soft metal. This soft quality makes it very easy to shape, so that you can find decorative copper planters easily. Whether you want classic egg and dart patterns around the top edge or a hammered look, copper is the way to go for a warm, decorative look.


Steel is now being used to make many planters. The strength of this metal makes it ideal for large planters, especially those used In outdoor landscapes. Many businesses and larger homes use large planters to display specimen trees, imported shrubbery or artificial plants. When you have large plants to display, you want a strong planter to contain them.


Aluminum is an alloy that is lightweight, with the strength of steel and the malleability of copper. These make great planters both inside and out. They do not develop a patina, so if your decorative style is modern, with sleek lines and shiny surfaces, aluminum may be the right choice for you.


True chrome is actually applied to another metal. It can be very heavy, so is used in moderation. Modern application methods allow for a thin layer of chrome to e applied to the base metal, making it easier to use in and around the home. Chrome requires a certain amount of upkeep, and can be a problem when used around dirt and water. The chrome can rust and pit when exposed to moisture. Therefore, it is not a very good choice for planters which, of course, are rather moisture and dirt intense.

Precious Metals

Precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum, are not used in planters. You might find a “gold toned” planter, but that is simply a metallic addition to paint applied to the planter.

Modern metal planters are lightweight and attractive. Consider using them for your interior and exterior landscaping.

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