About Us

Swedish Metal has years of experience in turning out quality bespoke metalwork, and other metalwork for architectural, construction, and artistic purposes. We work with local artists to express their own ideas through metalwork.

Named after the founder, John “The Swede” Andrews, the business was started in a small workshop out of his garage. After making a small name for himself in the local area the garage was no longer big enough to house the necessary equipment and soon John was seeking larger premises. It was during this transition John also hired his first employee, now over 14 years ago!
Since then the business has been growing in the area and we have since moved into a larger commercial workshop providing contracts to government authorities, manufacturers and local businesses.




At Swedish Metal, we provide anything from column cladding to works of art for our clients. We take pride in our design-build process, and work with each individual client to make sure we understand their needs and vision.

We use solid engineering in all of our projects, and each project is engineered and constructed to exacting standards. Our long-standing tradition of quality bespoke metalwork puts us in the forefront of customer service and product delivery standards. Our experience in the manufacture and instalment of custom ordered and architectural metalwork makes us among the premier providers in the country.

For more information, contact us at Swedish Metal. We will be glad to help you order bespoke metal for your home, business, or construction project.