Bespoke Metal Work At Swedish Metal

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Bespoke metalwork is the art of crafting metal into custom projects. The actual work, “bespoke” refers to tailor in England who would custom-fit clothing to his clients’ sizes. These days, it can refer to software for computing systems or, in our case, metalwork.


Standard bolts are just that – standard. You can buy them in what ever length you want, and at the desired diameter, and they are all interchangeable. If you drop one bolt on the worksite, you grab another one from the bag and continue working. These products are mass produced by machines such as stamps, dies, molds, and other assembly line tools.
Bespoke metal can’t be replaced. It is custom made for the application. If you are looking for a metal balustrade for your stairs, you’ll need to order bespoke metalwork. A craftsman will need to come and measure your staircase, and your balustrade will fit only your stairs.


If you are an artist or designer, and want artistic metalwork for your home or business, you’ll seek out a bespoke metalworker to bring your design to life. There is a lot of engineering that goes into 3-D art to keep it balanced and durable. Your design can be translated for use as a fountain head, or garden sculpture, or patio accent. If you have an idea for a spiral staircase for your new office, you’ll want us to engineer it so that it will be as safe as it is beautiful.
Your garden gates, if they employ your monogram, for instance, will be built by bespoke metal craftsmen. You can even have patio furniture made to your specifications and according to your design.

Explore Your Options

Staircases are just the beginning for your custom-made metalwork. Inside or outside, bespoke metal transforms your workplace and home. One customer commissioned an auto engine to serve as the pedestal to a glass-topped table. Another asked for a walkway between lofts in their contemporary house. Yet another commissioned a metal sculpture of his daughter’s artwork, to go on the coffee table.
Your imagination and our craftsmanship combine to create original metalwork at Swedish Metal. contact us today for a quote or to find out more.

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