Birdcage Planters

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Birdcages are one of this year’s most popular decorating trends. As containers for blooms and plants is among the easiest ways to use them in the house/garden and repurposing birdcages,

Birdcages can readily be used to cover houseplants and specimen plants outside. Birdcages that are smaller may also be not difficult to incorporate into other floral displays and centerpieces.

Birdcages make exceptional tiny “greenhouses” for showing seedlings and small potted plants, also.

With a tiny bit of effort, they could be turned into terrariums.

Thus, are you ready to contain birdcages in your home and garden? It shouldn’t easy. No matter what your design, there is probably a birdcage planter out there to fit it!

If their undersides are removed, birdcages can also be used as cloches. Birdcages will provide some protection for plants, although mostly ornamental.

Used outside, birdcage cloches offer shade in hot weather and protection from frost and ice . Birdcages may also protect outdoor plants from large pests like bunnies.

Some birdcages, like the metal birdcage cloches above, are made specifically to be used as Metal Planters.

Birdcage Terrariums

Birdcage terrariums are simple to make. The truth is, you are able to create one by adding several potted plants and simply lining a birdcage with moss. So that the terrarium will continue a long time, choose plants with similar light & water conditions.

Feeling creative that is extra? Add one or more decorative elements like a bird’s nest, faux fowl or a little bit of garden pottery and you have a birdcage terrarium that’s appropriate for displaying indoors or, if the season (and the plants) are appropriate, great for hanging outdoors.

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