Building Metal Work For A Well Known Detox Retreat

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Bespoke metal work is a highly regarded product for many homes and businesses. This type of custom work is beautiful as well as functional, adding a touch of elegance to public and private areas alike. In this case, we were asked to do some custom metal work for a beautiful detox retreat based in Devon. Our craftsmen have been busy for some time now, taking these pieces from dream to design to construction.



It starts with ideas. We talk to our customer to see what they are looking for in bespoke metal work. We tour the area in which the work will be placed, and study the plans. Usually, customers will request a gate or two, or decorative security for windows. Often, they don’t realize that we can do much more.

With Yeotown detox centre, came up with some great ideas for a variety of items, including benches, planters, and sculptures. Our designers worked with the customer to come up with some attractive designs for some of these items. We’ve come up with a theme that makes everybody happy, but you’ll have to visit the centre to see what it is.


The next step is to turn the ideas into a plan. With CAD, we turn our sketches into a computer drawing that will be used to program our machines. These renderings are 3D, and the customer can see exactly what the finished product will look like.

With this program, we can expand or shrink the drawings as we need to. We can change color and simulate patina. This helps the customer to decide whether they want powder coat on their finished product or to use the natural finish. The final patina will be based on the type of metal we use in the metal work.

This rendering also helps sculptures come to life. We and the customer can see what the finished product will look like from every angle.



Once we have the rendering polished, we can start programming our machines. A lot of the work can be done with laser cutters and welders. This is especially handy when building several different items in the same pattern, such as planters. We just send the sheets of metal through, and the machines cut the designs and shapes we want.

Other parts of our work, though, require painstaking hand craft. Our craftsmen are skilled in bending and welding, producing beautiful works of art out of industrial metal.

Welding joints are inspected to make sure they are high quality, and the entire piece is assembled at the shop to make sure it all works as it should.


From there, we apply the finish. Some people just want to allow the metal to rust or turn as it would naturally. However, for items that will be used on a regular basis, a finish is recommended. Powder coating is a hard finish that will protect the sculpture, gate, or bench, and keep it from rusting. It will also keep the piece structurally sound.

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