Commisioned For Major Outdoor Sculpture

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Swedish Metal has been commissioned to produce custom-ordered lawn sculptures. These sculptures are an expression of the designs developed by artists and craftsmen with the company, and as an expression of the customer’s imagination. Swedish Metal provides bespoke metalwork for commercial and private customers, and will also produce products based on a client’s plans. As an online source for plans, materials, and bespoke construction, Swedish Metal offers a full inventory for everything from sculptures to railings and stairs. These sculptures that are under construction are designed to act as expressive elements in the client’s garden that is well maintained by a lawn care company.


Drawbacks of Sculptures

Lawn and garden sculptures often have a host of drawbacks. At Swedish Metal, we take care to make sure that lawn care companies can maneuver their equipment around the sculptures easily. This is crucial because you don’t want to have to pay more for lawn care simply because of extended hours needed to avoid accidents on your property.

Also, the metalwork should be properly balanced. This is often a challenge, especially when considering various designs that are intended to be asymmetrical. An off-balance sculpture must be anchored properly, preferably with counter-balances that will keep it steady in a wind storm.
The designers must also consider the possibility of foreign objects settling on the sculpture. The weight of a single bird may not affect the integrity of the sculpture, but an entire flock of birds might. There is also the problem of potential damage caused by children or even adults who see the sculpture as some sort of playground equipment. In municipal applications, these considerations have to be part of the overall design. However for sculptures on your lawn, this may not be as much of a concern. However, it is always best to prepare for the worst.

Bases for Sculptures

The base of the sculpture is of crucial concern as far as lawn maintenance goes. A flat pad as a great solution, but may require a lot of reinforcement to keep the sculpture sturdy. This makes it easier to mow the lawn and keep the area looking nice. A pillar is also a good solution for the base, as it allows the maintenance company to use a weed-eater around the base to keep grass at bay. Perhaps the most difficult maintenance is on the sculpture that seems to rise, unsupported, from the soil. This will have any number of metal supports that will challenge the lawn equipment, forcing the use of several feet of trimmer line for edging purposes.



Another feature to consider when building sculptures for the lawn is the pattern provided by the sprinkler system. In some cases, the sculpture may actually block the spray from an automatic sprinkler system, causing parts of the lawn or garden to die. In these cases, it is important to chart the spray patterns and allow for alternate sprinkler heads to be used to keep the lawn healthy.

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