Swedish Metal: What Are The Benefits To Metal Garage Doors?

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It’s not uncommon for us to be approached to fabricate some interesting garage door panel designs, but when you’re thinking about designing your own bespoke garage door what materials are the most suitable for the job?  We have been approached to host a guest post on the subject of garage door materials By Josh Andrews, please enjoy.

Garage doors come in many shapes and sizes, materials too, Metal and wood are the most popular, but garage doors can also be created from fibreglass. If you are looking into purchasing a new garage door for your house, among the most important decisions you’ll make is the material that the door is made from and the way that it opens. Both metal and wood have their advantages and pitfalls and i’ve created this post to help you with this selection.

Wooden Doors


Although metal garage doors are more practical, you will most likely find that timber garage doors are found in the richer areas, wood grain adds character and a luxurious look to a property. You might be hard pressed to tell whether a garage door is a metal door completed to look like wooden door but if you have the knowledge, it’s easy to spot.

So with a rustic and luxurious looking wood grain, there must be a drawback to selecting wood, right? Of course, the first drawback is:

The Price – Wood is a much more costly material than many metals used for garage door fabrication.

Upkeep –  With a wooden garage door, you will have to weatherproof it. This is usually a coat of wood treatment or oil. Other upkeep will be spending time working on the joints which will bend after long use. You will also need to sand and re-finish it every year or two.

So TLDR; If money is no object and you are looking to have an aesthetically pleasing, functional garage door, timber is the right choice for you.

Metal Doors


If money is tight, metal is generally the cheaper option depending on what design you go for. The variety of metals used in garage doors is quite large, and price will of course vary from material to material but it’s mostly still cheaper than a wooden door. Metal also is alot better for maintenance, you wont be needing to coat the door in paint as frequently or treating it like you do with wood.

With metal being the most popular material for garage doors, what are the cons?

Style – Even though you’re able to fabricate the appearance of wood, a metal door isn’t likely to appear as tasteful and elegant.

Paint – metal doors occasionally require a brand new coat of paint. You will be looking at years before it’s necessary but it’s something that has to be done.

Warping – Metal doors wont warp or bend over time like wooden doors, but if you do manage to warp it, it’s ruined and will need replacing.

Visual Damage – Steel doors reveal dents and scratches very easily, If you have children, expect to see some damage.

Insulation – Pan metal doors don’t insulate in addition to timber, and therefore you aren’t going to obtain the energy efficiency advantage you get with a wooden door.

Quite a lot of these issues can be resolved with an engineered steel garage door, but it will be costly.

TLDR; Although metal garage doors are cheaper, your losing out on a few of the advantages of wooden garage doors.

The Decision 

The position of your garage door can also be a factor into what material you are going to choose. If you garage is not really visible from the road or is at the rear of the house, how important are aesthetics? If you do have a door on the front of the property then you may be interested in shelling out the extra cash for a beautiful wood grain.

You might think about what is going to be inside of the garage, if your keeping electronics or other expensive equiptment then you will want the extra insulation that a wooden garage door brings. If you have a heated garage then it may not be a problem, but then you are looking at a bigger gas or electricity bill. A pan metallic door might be enough for you to get by without heating.

At the end of the day wood and metal are great materials for garage doors. Decide what material you want and enjoy it! No Regrets! Also, if your looking to have a door fabricated, why not send Swedish-Metal an email?

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