Taking The Staff On A Surfing Holiday

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Staff Trip surfing
by Vanessa Pike-Russell

Cornwall is the most well known surfing seaport and has one of the best learn-to-surf waves In the country! So I thought it would be quite a good idea to take the staff on a nice trip down there to get some surfing lessons in. It seemed to be a great start, Their staff is quite amicable and they are going to force you to feel like part of the family. Beginner surfers will join their Surf Camp and enrol in their own exclusive learn-to-surf program. We were going to be catching waves with the paddleboard on our first day.

I noticed even experienced Surfers that have the fundamentals down were still using Surf Training and taking guidance from the same instructors that we were. Their Surf excursion will be joined by skilled surfers contemplating surfing Cornwall’s finest surf breaks. There are many world class surf breaks close by and they surf them all. Yoga and surfing are If you’re looking for an  an all-natural mix there are also facilities that offer Yoga and surfing!

Our surfing instructor captain, are skilled bilingual local surfers that can take you to the best surf spots in around the coast by car or by boat, they are going to give you the greatest consultation of where to go, the best times to surf based on the size and direction of the swell, tides, bunches and skill of your own team. The instructor will help you to score the greatest surf. We stayed in a pretty luxurious resort, found in the finest surfing places of the county and got it all for a great price. We were happy we chose the best surfing school in Cornwall They may be specialist to make your time in Cornwall an unforgettable encounter, surf and come with them!

Usually it’s two seasons; the rainy season moths from September through march see the largest and most steady swells with standard wave height in the head high range, and larger 8′ to 12′ swells coming through pretty consistently. The Dry season of March through August usually finds bright skies, offshore winds, and consistent surf in the waist.

Cornwall is one of a few areas in the UK that boast world class surfing year round. They travel to and surf all the shores that made this place of Cornwall renowned. Cruising within their Land Rover Defenders 4X4 trucks is the lone way to surf and examine all those wonderful out of the way shores. Cornwall has become a Mecca for traveling surfers hunting for the proper wave and has lovely blue seas and sandy beaches, great surfing, and friendly locals.!

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